Updated 19 Mar 2008.


The C-Sinus motor

Note ! This page is about the C-Sinus version 1. After this 2 versions of the motor has followed - the latest is called Softdrive Sinus.


Well, I really intended this to be a short but thorough review over the C-Sinus motor, but it wont be.

After running my two new(and first) C-Sinus-based locomotives the 39352 and 39560 (BR152 + Croc),

I can now sum up very quickly.


Positive side : Great performance - Smooth running - Very strong - Pretty silent.

Negative side : special decoder+motor, not much room for "do it yourself".


I just hope my C-Sinus locomotives never has any problems - cause then it would be the first time ever,

that I have to send a loco to a dealer for repairs.


Enjoy the picture.


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