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Computer Control

Like so many other things these days, Märklin model railroad can be operated by using a computer.

I order to control your Märklin layout you need an interface. This device enables communications

between a computer and your layout. The latest unit from Märklin are the 6051, but a 6050 will also work.

The difference between the 6050 and the 6051, are that a serial cable is delivered with the 6051 and not

with the 6050, - The units are the same.

With this unit you can control your locs and turnouts, get feedback from your S88's, and much more.


I have designed my own program (Märklin Control System) using Turbo Pascal 7.0.

My Control System runs on DOS and requires minimum a 486/33 PC. (the requirement are strictly speed-related)


Have a look at the user interface.


With my program I have direct access to 60 turnouts, 10 Locomotives, a 7051 crane and a

ROCO 46900 Digital crane. The program can also receive data from S88's.

Everything can be controlled by mouse and keyboard, and in the case of the 7051-crane, also by


I have also made my own little hardware unit (that goes on the parrallel-port), which "sniffs" the speed

of the locomotives I control with my program. If I take control over a locomotive on the 6021/6036

and the same locomotive also are controlled by the program, the changed speed of the locomotive will

be "sniffed" by the box and the speed will be updated in the programs user interface.


My program is principally tailor-made to my own needs, but the Loc and turnout controls, can

be used by everyone.

Latest updates are :


Future plans are:


  If you are interested in more information regarding my program, send me a mail , with your questions.

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