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Märklin Decoder overview

When you run Märklin Digital you can choose from these different decoders.

  The older decoders

  The new decoders(intruduced in 1999)
Delta decoder (6603) Discontinued 66031 - New Delta decoder Discontinued
6080 Digital Decoder Discontinued 66032 - New Delta Decoder
6090 Digital Decoder Discontinued 60901 - High efficiency decoder + drive
  60902 - High efficiency decoder ONLY

60904 - High efficiency decoder + drive for old

                    LFCM (non drum commutator motors) 


60903 - High efficiency decoder + drive for old

                    SFCM (non drum commutator motors)  

   The 60960 - Function add-on ONLY

 General issues

 Wire color codes      6021 and DipSwitches      609xx and analog      Mounting Instructions      

Spareparts/contents of decoder-packs


 Pictures of other Märklin Digital units

 The Control Unit - 6021 (163KB)

 The Control 80f - 6036 (195KB)

 The Booster - 6017 (153KB)

A description of the full digital system can be found at www.marklin.com


The Delta Decoder (6603)(picture 63KB) , (Larger picture 920x491, 538KB also available)

The delta Decoder is based on the 701.xx chip. The newest chip in the 6603 is the 701.17b.

In digital operation you have 15 addresses to chose from, and you have no functions.

The Delta Decoder is cheap but if you have more than 15 Locs they can not be on the track at the

same time. Since the Delta has no function, the lights act like normal analog operation, - the faster

you go the more light you will get.

All that can of be improved. Check out the Delta conversionpage.


The 6080 Digital Decoder(picture 74KB) , (Larger picture 663x410, 316KB also available)

The 6080 is Märklin's standard digital decoder. It is currently based on the 701.13 chip.

This decoder can use all 80 addresses of the digital system, and it also has one function which you

typically use with the lights. Because it uses the 701.13 chip, it can only be modified to remove the

flicker from the headlights.


The 6090 Digital Decoder(picture 68KB) , (Larger picture 908x610, 568KB also available)

The 6090 is märklin's old top decoder. It only has one function as the 6080, but it includes a new motor.

What you get is a permanent magnet and a new 5-pole rotor. The decoder itself has tiny

potentiometers which allows for adjustment of max/min speed and delayed acceleration/braking.

The decoder can also, like the 6080, use all 80 addresses. With the upgraded motor you have a very

powerful machine, which runs smoothly even at low speeds.

The 6090 i based on the 701.13 chip, so the only conversion I can offer, is to remove

the annoying flicker in the headlights. This conversion will also work with the other decoders.


66031 - The new Delta decoder(picture 16KB)

The new Delta decoder has the features of the old Delta and has implemented functions, based

on the new format, to control Eg. a Telex coupler.

It can of course control other thing such as a smoke unit. But the control of other things

may be a bit strange. The lights are now ON the whole time, and cannot be turned of, but they do

change as you change direction.

Activation of the function, is like the old mechanical direction changers used with Telex-equipped locs.

This means that you activate the function by changing direction.

This is how it works :

     Direction Function
     Forward  OFF
 1.  click the directionchanger  Backwards OFF
 2.  click the directionchanger  Forward  ON
 3.  click the directionchanger  Backwards  ON
 4.  click the directionchanger  Forward  OFF


Electrical Data for 66031 :

Motoroutput : max. 800 mA
Lightoutput : max. 100mA
Functionoutput : max. 250mA
Complete module : max. 1,1 A
The Motor and Functionoutput are protected against overload and short-circuits.


66032 - The new Delta decoder(size 53KB, picture made by Lutz Hemmerich )

The 66032 is Märklins newest decoder in the Delta series. Its basically equal to the 66031, but one

important feature separates them. The 66032 has all 80 addresses at its disposal, where the old

66031 as well as all the older Delta's only has 15.

Also the 66032 can be made to turn on/off the headlights with digital control, where the older ones

had this option permanently turned on. The small procedure is described here by Jürgen Schad.


Electrical Data for 66032 :

Motoroutput : max. 1000 mA
Lightoutput : max. 200mA
Functionoutput : max. 250mA
Complete module : max. 1,2 A
The Motor and Functionoutput are protected against overload and short-circuits.



60901 - The TOP decoder with high efficiency drive(picture 12KB)

The 60901 is actually much like the the the 6090. The difference is that it supports the new

protocol, and has two extra functionoutputs.

You still have the normal "function" which control the lights, but now, you also have two extra

outputs (F1+F2) to control things like a smoke unit AND a Telex coupler.

F3 can currently not be used on this decoder.

With F4 you have the possibility to disable the delayed starting and stopping, which you adjust

with the small potentiometers.

The 60901 consist of the new improved decoder, a magnet, and an anchor. The magnet and the

anchor form the bases for the high efficiency drive. Only locs with drum commutator, can be

converted with the 60901.


Electrical Data for 60901 :

Motoroutput : max. 800 mA
Light- and functionoutputs : max. 200mA, but max 400mA for all functions together.
Complete module : max. 1,1 A

60902 - The decoder ONLY(picture 12KB)

The 60902 is the same as the 60901, but you only get the decoder. This decoder is for people

who already has converted their locs with the old 6090, but want to add the extra functions.

This decoder is also ideal for people who would like to convert their old flat-commutator

engines with a 6090x type decoder. (read about this type of conversion on My conversion page  

or  Axel's train homepage)


60904 - The decoder for retrofitting !

This decoder is one of the latest from Märklin. It consists of a decoder(equal to a 60902) and 2 sets

of motor parts (shield + anchor) for different versions of the LFCM. It also contains a new permanent

magnet like the 220560, but it looks more like the magnets we know from the 6090(1) sets.

With this set, you can convert alot(but not all) of your old LFCM-based locomotives to 6090x performance.

The new decoder its ONLY for LFCM equiped Locomotives. You can see the difference between

the LFCM and SFCM on my retrofitting-page.

The set also includes two new bulb-sockets (and bulbs), in the new pin-type. the new socket can be

pressed into the old screw-type socket, which result in isolated wires to the bulb, which in turn can give

you flickerfree lights. you connect one lead to the yellow/gray wire and the other to the orange wire.

This results in flickerfree lights !.


60903 - The second decoder for retrofitting !

This decoder is just like the 60904 - its intended for retrofitting old locomotives.

The 60903 contains the same parts as the 60904, but has a smaller magnet to replace the SFCM.

The magnet is like the 22045, but looks more like the ones we know from the 6090(1) sets.


60960 - The function add-on(picture 34KB)

The 60960 or the C96 as it is named is a funny little thing. It is a function add-on only.

You can use it together with and older decoder, or alone.

If you use it with an older decoder such as Delta, 6080 or the 6090 it can add the 4 functions.

This may be a cheaper and easier alternative than to by the 60902, and start all over with the

conversion your loc.

As I wrote before you can also use the C96 alone. This way you can add functions to everything,

such as : lights in cars, telex couplers in cars and so on.

A schematic and component-layout over the 60960, can be found at Jurgen Schad's homepage.


Electrical Data for 60960 :

Functionoutput 1+2 : max. 500mA
Functionoutput 1+2 : max. 200mA
All functions together : max. 1 A

Wire color codes

Because of the added functions in the new decoders, the decoders now have more wires,

and therefore new wire colors are introduced :

Note that wire colors from both Delta(66031) AND 609xx are listed here.

Red : track power(center rail)
Brown : Track ground(rails)
Gray : Light
Yellow : Light
Blue : Motor power
Green : Motor Power
Black : Motor power return
Orange : Return from functions/lights
Brown/Red : Function #1
Brown/Green : Function #2
Brown/Yellow : Function #3
Brown/White : Function #4
White : Delta Function
Purple : Decoder ground (NOT equal to brown wire)



6021 and DipSwitches

In order to use the new functions you have to have a 6021.

Further more the dipswitches should be set as follows:

DIP : 1+3+4 = OFF and DIP 2 = ON (preferred)
This will give you a mix of the old and new format (great if you have older decoders)


DIP : 1+2+3 = ON and DIP 4 = OFF
This selects only the new format


6090x and analog

The 6090x can be used on a analog layout.

Just be aware that the "function" and F1 are permanently turned on !


Mounting Instructions (pictures)

60901/60902 with smoke generator
60901/60902 with pantograph and extra lights
60901/60902 with Telex

60960 as add-on to 6090
60960 in waggons

66031 with Telex


Sparepartnumbers or contents in the packages

partnumbers in 60901
386820 anchor
389000 field magnet
386940 motor shield
516520 inductor
601460 pair of brushes

partnumbers in 60903
210888 anchor - 8 teeth
224615 field magnet
224613 motor shield
516520 inductor
601460 pair of brushes
276770 lamp Socket

partnumbers in 60904
214118 anchor - 7 teeth
210888 anchor - 8 teeth
210882 field magnet
210881 motor shield
214121 motor shield
516520 inductor
601460 pair of brushes
276770 lamp Socket

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