Updated 30 Mar 2002.

The Uhlenbrock 75100 / 75200

The German company Uhlenbrock has made some interesting decoders for Märklin digital (and DCC).

The Uhlenbrock decoders are cheaper than Märklins and a good alternative both for the Delta and the 6090x-decoders


The first decoder, the 75100 is an obvious choice over the delta-decoder. Its small and will therefore fit in every locomotive.

It has no screw holes, so it must be fastened with double sided tape (delivered with the decoder).

It has the normal output for lights, and 2 additional function outputs for TELEX or smoke.

It has no dip-switches - all programming is done on the track, using the controller (6021 or Intellibox).

Performance of this decoder is like the Delta - no load-dependency but cheap.





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The 75200 is Uhlenbrocks version of a load-dependent decoder, which does not require a permanent magnet.

Its equipped with electronics which controls the electromagnet so it behaves like a normal permanent magnet.

With this decoder you can add load-dependency to any loc, just as easily as fitting a normal decoder.

- Just remove the direction-changer and solder all the wires, - no need to disassemble the motor.

All programming of the decoder is done on the track.

The 75200 also features 2 function outputs in addition to the lights. And the price is much less than a 60902.

But all this comes at a cost. At this point in time I have only tested the decoder with a loc equipped with a LFCM

motor, and to be honest it does not run good. The loc move very erratically at low speeds and the short-circuit protection

kicks in at high speeds, leaving the locomotive motionless for a couple of seconds.

As I said, I have not tested the decoder on a SFCM-equipped locomotive, but the result could be better as the

SFCM draws less current than the LFCM.





The small speaker and electronics in the back is my own sounddecoder, it has nothing to do with the Uhlenbrock decoders


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