Updated 21 Sep. 2007


marklin spare part lists

Have you ever had a toothwheel that broke or you lost the hook to your crane.

What is the spare part number ????.

You can find almost everything in the Märklin spare part list


BE AWARE !! - I do NOT sell spareparts. I only provide the lists for you to browse throgh. If you find a sparepartnumber for the
part your need, take the number to your dealer !!! - DONT mail me about prices !! I do NOT sell spareparts !!!!


 List no. 1

Created by

Mail: Stephan-Alexander Heyn

 Text format (237Kb)
 Word format (230Kb)
 List no. 2

Created by

Mail: Bill Ott


 Text format (408Kb)
 List no. 3

Created by

Mail: Robert frowenfeld


 Text format (352Kb)
 List no. 4

Created by

Mail: Roland Rehmet

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